“You have a beautiful body.”

    I heard that from a stunning woman for the first time in my life just the other day. And it was in her eyes…

    I’ve never written a review in my life for anything, but that moment made me feel so incredible, made every drop of sweat, every ache in my body and every penny I have invested in this transformation worth it. And if you’re “thinking” about making a change — about becoming the best you’ve ever been in body and in mind, read on- every bit of it is real, tangible and within your grasp at Crossfit Hollywood.

    I’m 42 years old and I’ve been at Crossfit Hollywood for 10 months.

    My wife and I split after 13 years together. It was a difficult time, I was so uncertain about everything around me — about me. I remember I was at dinner with a close friend one night when he looked in my eyes and said, “You’re angry, you need to go beat the s__t out of something”.

    He was right, so I decided I would kick the s__t out of myself. I did a little research and learned about Crossfit Hollywood. I watched a couple of the videos they posted on Youtube, and even there, on that little screen, I could see the passion, I could feel the electricity and the muscles burning. There was something special going there and I wanted it… bad…

    So I joined the “box” — It’s amazing to share with you the fear that swelled in my fat gut as I watched the athletes crush one movement after another… I would look at the white board with the WOD (work out of the day) on it and the ticker in my head would read, “You can’t do this… it’s just not possible.” And then the coaches would do their work… They made whatever modifications necessary for my safety and development, and then pushed me to be the best I could be… That’s really the difference here, having a group of dedicated professionals working with you every step of the way to achieve what might seem impossible.

    There was one particular workout very early in my in CFHW training where I was pushing myself to the limit, I left nothing behind — I staggered in the box after running my last 800m, approached the pull up bar to do my last 30 pull ups (yes, you will do 30 pull ups, you’ll do 100) and the whole class, seeing my dedication and feeling and knowing my pain began to applaude and cheer. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I couldn’t understand it – but with massive smiles, and eyes lit with pride, 10 or 12 athletes filled me up with the stuff I needed to finish. And, in that moment, when I dropped from the bar it felt like the greatest achievement of my life. Shared with incredible people, most of whom didn’t even know my name.

    Every day I achieve more… I get better, stronger and I become more the man I was always meant to be. I know everybody’s name, from the coaches to the athletes, they’ve all become an important part of my life. When people on this site or in person tell you that Crossfit Hollywood changed their lives, it’s not some cliche or lip service – it’s very real, it’s next level stuff – and it’s something that YOU achieve…

    Get serious and do this – grab a friend and change their life while you’re at it. Get into this gym, with these trainers and athletes and in such a short time you’ll be looking in the mirror completely amazed at what you have accomplished.

  • KAILA M.

    Crossfit Hollywood changed my life.  The first day I entered the box I could not do a push-up, pull-up, and had little endurance.  After just 3 months I was able to the workouts at the prescribed weights and made my way onto the leader board.  I participated in a Paleo Challenge and in 5 weeks I lost 10 lbs, 5% body fat, and improved on the base workout by 8 minutes.  The change in diet, crossfitting 5 days a week, and the support of the CFHW community made all the difference in my life.

    Crossfit is by far the best workout experience I have ever had.  The workouts have a constant variety with a competitive dynamic that pushes you to work harder everyday.  I was getting bored at the gym doing the same thing everyday and was losing motivation.  At CFHW everyday is a different challenge with coaches and fellow members motivating you through the workout.  Whether you are an all-star athlete, or just a beginner at working out, each workout can be scaled for the appropriate difficulty.  No one will be looked down upon for using a lighter weight or taking a longer time to finish a workout.  Every athlete will be cheered on by the coach and fellow members until they have finished.

    The community at CFHW is amazing.  The coaches are great, so supportive and extremely knowledgeable.  The members are extremely close and we all support each other.  We are also friends outside of the box.  CFHW also does a lot of outside activities to help bring us together such as ski trips, paleo challenges, Tough Mudder teams, and Paleo potlucks.  CFHW is way more than just a gym, it creates a new lifestyle.


    I LOVE CrossFit Hollywood! There are so many great things about this place that it’s hard to know where to begin.

    First, let me say that the trainers are amazing! I’ve done the Golds Gym/24 Hour Fitness routine and it’s an abysmal experience compared to what you’ll find at CrossFit Hollywood. The trainers are incredibly attentive; constantly monitoring to make sure that everyone has proper form, scaling workouts as necessary and encouraging you to give your best in each workout. Not only that, but they’re happy to help you with a specific skill or movement before or after class.

    The community at CrossFit Hollywood is fantastic! Members are always cheering on other members during workouts. Whether you’re lifting 50 pounds or 350 pounds, there’s always another member there to give you a high five and encourage you to keep going.

    The WODs (workout of the day) are always different, which keeps you engaged both mentally and physically. Thanks to CFHW I’m easily in the best shape of my life; leaner and stronger than I’ve ever been. This is not a place you go to stare at a People magazine for 45 minutes while you mindlessly pedal away on the elliptical. The results you’ll see from the programming and training at CrossFit Hollywood will amaze you! I tell everyone to take a before picture of themselves, so they can have their own before/after moment. The transformation will be that incredible!


    There are two key things that differentiate Crossfit Hollywood from any other workout experience I’ve had, the intensity of the workouts and the motivation and camaraderie of the people. Andy’s positive attitude about fitness, strength and diet is infectious and creates a supportive atmosphere at every workout. The trainers are not cookie cutter personal trainers; they know everyone by name, they are technicians, coaches and in some workouts, competitors.

    If you’re hyper-competitive, always pushing yourself and wanting to be the fittest or the fastest or the strongest, CFHW will push you like no personal trainer or spinning class can. Part of the Crossfit mentality is that you track your progress and results. Even though most workouts are only repeated maybe once a year, elements of the workouts will be repeated, so knowing how many pull-ups you can do, or how much weight you can do on a given workout helps. People really push to improve every time they walk into the gym.

    If you don’t care about your dead lift or your fastest mile, you will still feel motivated by the people around you. CFHW is not a huge gym where you can hide in the corner. People of all skill levels are working out right next to each other. It sounds corny, but it really does start to feel like a team. You might not care how much you bench press, but you will be motivated when the person next to you is pushing you to do one more rep, even when it hurts.

    My personal experience is that CFHW has made me a very fit and well-rounded athlete. I played team sports growing up, was an athlete in college and I’ve competed in triathlons since graduation. Since CFHW, not only has my body changed, but I am stronger and I feel better physically. Crossfit isn’t designed to make your biceps huge, it is designed to keep you arms and shoulders strong enough to pick up heavy things. Its not about losing X pounds, its about being able to run further or take the stairs without getting winded. You really have to just come out and try a workout. You’ll know after day 1 if Crossfit is for you.


    I echo many of the reviews written below in saying that CrossFit Hollywood has virtually changed my life. I’ve only been CrossFitting since May of this year, but in that short time CFHW has improved my fitness, happiness, self-esteem and sense of community. Before joining CFHW I felt lost and bored in maintaining my physical fitness. I was sick of spinning, weight-lifting on my own, jogging outside, and every cardio machine in existence. Exercise before CFHW always felt like a solitary, boring activity and simply a necessary evil in keeping myself looking good. I’ve had so much trouble motivating myself to work out during the past couple years and frankly this tormented me because I felt myself getting more out of shape by the day. CFHW has turned this all around. Month after month I find myself even more motivated and excited to attend classes 4-6 times a week. I look forward to seeing friendly faces every morning and having fun getting through the hardest workouts of my life as a team. The coaches are so supportive and have helped me improve my skills in all areas and do things I once felt were impossible for me.

    I was so scared starting CrossFit because I felt that everyone would be better, faster, and stronger than me. This proved to sort of be true when I started and I felt super self-conscious at first. But no one ever laughed at me or made me feel unwelcome (my ultimate fear). Instead, the unwavering support and positive feedback from the coaches and my fellow CrossFitters kept me coming back and I started to feel a valued part of the group almost instantly. An obvious plus is that people in my life noticed and commented on my increased fitness and positive changes in my body within just a couple months of starting. I look forward to reaching the 6, 9, 12+ month bench marks and seeing what I’ll be further able to accomplish on my fitness journey. Next goal: a real pull-up! (something I could only dream of doing before CF) CFHW has made me realize that I WILL reach this goal and any other fitness goal I set for myself if I simply just keep coming back! I heart CFHW.