• IMG_0068
    Nerding Out on Fitness 2
    posted December 08

    Hi Ya’ll, I originally wanted to track the 12 Days of Xmas WOD. However, somehow my heart rate monitor didn’t record all my data during the workout… Do’H! Well… If we always cut perfect pork chops then we wouldn’t have hot …

  • IMG_0068
    Nerding Out on Fitness
    posted December 05

    Hi Everyone, Today I am sharing my results from Tuesday’s WOD. It was a hard day that is for sure. One EMOM is hard enough, but having two and one with Burpees is a whole lot of fun :) The …

  • IMG_0068
    Nerding Out on CrossFit
    posted December 05

    I love exercise. It is so much fun that I study Kinesiology, the science of exercise. I been doing CrossFit since 2011, and I realized that I haven’t nerded out with the sport since I started. Well here I go …

  • etiquette_thumb
    In-Haus Rules Update
    posted November 11

    Welcome to CrossFit Hollywood. Some of you have been here for a minute and some of you are just now getting to know the family! Back in the original days of CrossFit Hollywood, we had to establish a list of …

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