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  • Carl’s love for health & wellness has been a lifelong venture. He has participated in multiple activities such as taekwondo, baseball, football, basketball, skateboarding, wakeboarding and rock climbing.  He received an athletic scholarship to play college football at a division one university where he achieved his Bachelors of Science in Sociology.  Feeling the effects of years of collisions sport steered him towards the practice of yoga.  He fell in love with the gentle yet demanding and focused, breath-centered movement.  Carl saw yoga as a major piece to the competing athletes practice.  He wanted to continue learning and sharing in his experience with others and he began studying with senior level instructors in Denver and Los Angeles, immersing himself in his practice and developing his own style of teaching.  Carl also found the benefits of a paleo diet to be the most beneficial to his prosperity, and in 2010 co-founded PaleoYogis, where he supports individuals in primal movement and primal nutrition.

    With the Crossfit method laying the groundwork for the athlete to explore powerful and explosive movements, Carl’s yoga class complements it by opening the space for individuals to turn inward, exploring the subtle-body, finding deeply integrated movements that support the athlete in achieving greatness both physically and otherwise.

    CONTACT: carl@crossfithollywood.com