posted June 22

    From now until August we won’t be posting any workouts.

    Not because we want to piss you off, it’s because we want to challenge you to do things you may not be comfortable with.
    We notice that a lot of people tend to cherry pick which workouts they’d like to do, and part of increasing your health and ability to do more, is to do things you don’t necessarily want to do.
    But I can promise you that you will not only look and feel better after it’s all said done, but your mindset will be a much stronger one, knowing that you did something good for yourselves that you didn’t necessarily want to do to begin with. Please come in and take advantage of the services we are providing, and be fitter/faster/stronger/more healthy/harder to kill.
    Even if you have an injury, we’ll work around it, or create an entirely new workout for you.



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