posted January 02


    Normally I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions.  Why do you need to wait for a specific date to make a positive change in your life?  Do it now.  Plus, doesn’t everyone these days follow the Jewish lunar calendar anyway?

    Regardless, “now” happens to be the new year, and 2014 is shaping up to be monumental for Crossfit Hollywood.  Our number one resolution is to keep improving what we do, which is finding ways to improve what you do.  Your dedication to your own health and fitness, to the health and fitness of others, and to this community keeps the wind in our sails.  Thank you for being a part of the CFHW family.
    And to keep this ship running smoothly, let’s make some resolutions together.

    I resolve to…

    1)  …put all my equipment away properly.  This includes kettlebells and dumbbells returning to their correct weight order, plates on their proper pvc, and putting rowers back with the monitor flipped and handles up.

    2)  …dispose of my water bottle correctly.  If it is not empty I will bring it home with me to drink later, and if it is empty I will put it in the recycling bin.

    3) …record ALL workout results.  And bring those records with me to class.  If I don’t know what I did before, I don’t know what I should do next. Tracking my progress is imperative to keep me heading toward my goals.

    4)  …untie any knots I put in a jump rope.  Eventually those knots warp the rope, and I respect the gym’s equipment too much to do that.

    5)  …write down on the retail sheet everything I take from the fridge.  (with legible handwriting)

    6)  …only sign up for the classes I plan to attend.  And if I switch classes during the same hour, I’ll make sure to tell someone at the desk.

    7)  …minimize my shower time.  I want to get the stank off before work, but other people might be waiting.

    8)  …hold my training in a positive light.  There will be some tough days, and some set backs, but negative self-talk only pulls me farther from my goals.

    9)  …find ways to improve my sleep, decrease stress, eat better, and drink more water.  If these tasks seem daunting I will ask a coach for help, because fixing these will have exponentially more health benefits than exercise alone.

    10)  …bring in paleo cookies for the coaches on a regular basis.

    Here’s to another great year ahead of us.  And here’s to all of you, the members, who make this gym so special.

    Happy New Year!

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