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    …But fellas, listen up.  This concerns you, too.

    So, you’ve been crossfitting for a while – 6 months, maybe a year, or longer.  You eat a clean paleo-style diet and are a box regular 4-5 times per week.  You’ve seen some great results aesthetically, but there’s one stubborn area that refuses to lean out.  Thighs and hips.  (Men, bear with me.  I’m getting to you)

    Two main factors contribute to those extra curves that even the Thighmaster can’t eliminate.  Cortisol and Estrogen.  Each one deserves days of discussion, so for now I’ll just spend a little time on estrogen, and I’ll try to keep the boring science stuff out of it.

    Like with every hormone in our body, we need just the right amount of estrogen to stay healthy.  Guys need some, women need more.  The problem is when we accumulate too much and can’t get rid of the excess.  This contributes to a number of health issues equally dangerous to men and women, but one clear sign you can see in the mirror is extra thigh and hip fat on ladies, and man-boobs on the gents. (Ready to throw out that manzier?)

    The bottom line is, estrogen overload becomes toxic.  It’s the liver’s job to process it and dispose of it, but if your liver is sluggish that ain’t happening.  Thus the storage in your fat cells.  This begs the question: What’s making my liver sluggish?

    Man, what isn’t?  Your liver is like your work inbox.  If there’s only a few items to handle, you can knock them out and go home.  If your inbox is stacked so high it topples over onto those metal ball pendulums that swing back and forth and annoy the heck out of everyone, you’re never gonna get caught up and will be stuck at work indefinitely.  Piled in your body’s inbox is:  Internal stress, like eating inflammatory foods and excess sugar.  External stress, like emotional or relationship issues, or that delightful L.A. air (2 parts smog, 1 part leaf blower).  And then there’s toxins that sort of fall in both categories, like scented candles, makeup, and solvents.


    If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your body.  If you think you’re not absorbing whatever you rub into your skin, it’s time to wake the eff up.  Lotions, moisturizers, anti-aging cream, soap, shampoo, makeup, deoderant…  Loaded with chemicals and potential toxins.  After you finish reading this blog, go examine every product label in your bathroom.  If the suffix “paraben”  or “phthalate” appears on anything, throw it away – they’ve both been linked to cancer (unless you have a toxin fetish, in which case rub it all over yourself in slow motion).  These environmental toxins, or xenoestrogens, mimic the effect of estrogen and overload your liver.  Again, with the health risks and body fat and whathaveyou.

    The solution.

    We live in a toxic world.  We need help metabolizing excess estrogen.

    1.  Clean up your diet, if you haven’t already.

    2.  Get more sleep (8+ hours) and reduce your stress as much as possible.

    3.  Look into an estrogen metabolism supplement.  The two I can recommend for women AND men are Estro Protect (Pursuit Nutraceuticals) and Calcium D-Glucarate (Xymogen).  Not only do they aid in the metabolism, but they help shuttle it out of the body correctly and safely.



    If you have questions about these or similar supplements, or about dosage, please post below or ask me.

    Feel better.  Look better.  Maybe I’ll start having people wear a yellow rubber bracelet that says “Liverstrong.”

    – Coach Elliott


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