posted June 14

    Say hi, Jack

    Many of you have seen a new guy around the gym lately. Maybe you’ve noticed somebody posting ridiculous times on the board. Maybe he even taught one of your classes. That would be our new summer intern, Jack Hile. Jack is interning with us before returning to Connecticut College for his final year. (Yeah, he’s that young.) In addition to being a killer crossfitter, Jack is a very knowledgeable coach and a super nice guy, so don’t be afraid to talk to him. Did you know he was featured on the official Crossfit Games Site?If you want to learn more about him, you can read his bio below, or just say hi.

    Jack began his CrossFit career in a boathouse using rafters as pull up bars and bleachers as plyo-boxes. After buying his first piece of equipment (rings) three years ago he has not looked back on his journey to becoming an increasingly better athlete and coach. Jack has been coaching at his home gym, CrossFit Newton for the past two years and is at Crossfit Hollywood this summer to build on his coaching experience with the mindset of helping CFH athletes in any way possible.Recently Jack has been intensifying his training in efforts to continue improving his performance at the regionals with the ultimate goal of reaching the CrossFit Games. Just this year Jack co-founded his own Crossfit club at Connecticut College, organizing regular classes as well as training varsity teams such as the volleyball and basketball teams. In addition to regular captain’s duties on his rugby team, Jack organizes Crossfit-style conditioning and summer programs for his teammates.As Crossfit continues to grow, gathering attention from big name sponsors and appearing on ESPN, Jack’s favorite part about CrossFit is its “grassroots” nature. Jack believes that when you can get outside, appreciate your ability to move, and explore, there is no better feeling. Jack has worked out in snow, rain and even a hurricane – and those are some of his favorite workouts to date, using the world as his gym.

    • Attitude Nation Weightlifting Level 1 Certified
    • CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer

    • 31st at 2012 Northeast Regional
    • 18th at 2013 Northeast Regional
    • 1st in 2011 Garage Games New England Final
    • 1st in 2012 Garage Games New England Final
    • Co-Founder of Connfit – Connecticut College Crossfit Club
    • Coach at Crossfit Newton
    • Former wrestler, current rugby player and 2 year captain of team

    Jack killing it at the Northeast Regionals

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