posted June 09

    Eric and Carl doing some next level yoga


    Hey, Crossfit Hollywood peeps. Are you looking for a slightly different challenge? Then why not try some of the other awesome classes CFHW has to offer? Looking to improve your cardio? Check out a Burn class. Need help on your barbell movements? Monday morning’s Barbell Technique is for you. Like doing sprints and being explosive? Give the Sports Enhancement Class a try. Tired of only doing 2-armed swings with the kettlebell? Learn a lot more at the Crossfit Kettlebell class. Having trouble stabilizing your body or external loads, or needing help with your flexibility? Let Carl’s Yoga class get you in line. Have nagging pains because of mobility issues? The Active Recovery Class could be the answer. We’ve even added more classes to make sure you can get your WOD in no matter what time of day you want to come. Remember: it’s always good to learn something new, and all of these awesome classes are included with your unlimited membership. So check out one of the annex classes! You won’t regret it.


    Sports Enhancement getting it done

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