posted May 23

    As you may have noticed, our Part A lifts this week haven’t been quite as heavy as the past 3 weeks. They almost seem like warm-up sets. You may be wondering what we’re doing and why we’re doing this (if you’re not wondering why we do things, you may want to pay more attention). What we’re doing is de-loading you. What is de-loading? I’m glad you asked.

    When we have a sustained strength training regimen like we’ve been doing for the past 3 weeks, we need to let our bodies reset and recover. By lifting lighter loads we are re-inforcing proper mechanics under a sub-maximal load, thereby improving the skill of the lift, which will pay off later. The higher your skill level, the stronger you are. You can think of it as active recovery. The load isn’t heavy enough to break down muscle the same way you do at your limit, but you are getting reps in. The goal for these reps should be perfect form. Remember: perfect practice makes perfect. This will help when the loads increase and you already have those neural pathways carved out.

    So don’t discount the value of what we’re doing this week just because it doesn’t feel as heavy or as difficult as it normally does. Think long-term and keep your eyes on the prize. It’ll get heavy soon enough.

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