posted April 19

    In order to relieve some of the overcrowding at 9am, we’ll be offering new classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the Annex┬ástarting next week.

    On Mondays, we will be introducing a new class: Barbell Class. This is more than just a skills class. You will be working hard on all things related to the barbell lifts. Each class will focus on one barbell movement with the goal of making you more adept at that movement and therefore stronger. (Remember, strength = the practical application of force. If your skill level goes up, your lifts will go up).

    Wednesday will be Elliott’s Sports Enhancement Class. This class involves explosive power movements, sprints, sandbags and more. For a different spin on your Crossfit workout, check it out.

    Friday will be Robert’s Burn class. If you like to go-go-go, this class is for you. Light weight, cardio-intensive workouts are what you can expect. Don’t be fooled, these classes are hard and will test your stamina.

    Also due to overcrowding on Sundays, we’ll be adding an additional CrossFit class at noon in the main room (ARC will still be happening at this time, but moved to the Annex.)

    Remember to sign up on Mindbody before coming to class. See you at 9:00am!


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