posted April 09

    The 2013 Crossfit Games Open competition has come and gone, AND IT WAS AWESOME!!! We had more people compete than ever before. Some were seasoned veterans, some brand new to Crossfit, and everyone gave it their all. This year we saw some of the 2012 WODs get combined and tweaked into new, wicked workouts, we saw a repeat with 13.3, and a couple surprises. Overall it was a good test of all 10 of the general physical skills and made for a great competition.

    For the more experienced Crossfitters, it provided the opportunity to see how they’ve improved over the past year. For new members, it gave them a chance to see how they stack up world-wide. It also provided the opportunity to hit some personal bests. This year we saw people PR on cleans, snatches, muscle-ups, Karen times, get their first pull-ups, chest-to-bar pull-ups, and toes-to-bars. It was epic. Congratulations to everyone for all the awesome work. Even the Kids program got in on the action!

    We’d like to recognize some athletes for amazing achievements this year. Jane Allen-Dick was on fire and ended up 21st in SoCal in her Master’s division. Manny Silva tore it up, and if there was a teen division, easily would have been top 5 in SoCal. Lots of people got PRs during the Open, including Anthony Flynn, Joseph Weisfish, Seevun Kozar, Manny Silva, Fernanda Rodriguez, Becka Adams, Neil Haskell, and many more! (Sorry if we missed anyone. Add your PR in the comments below). Andy and David made it through to the second stage of 13.5 for even more Fran madness. Most impressive were those of you who are relatively new to Crossfit for jumping into the Open and giving your all. You guys rock! Keep it up.

    So what are you doing to train for the 2014 Open?


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