posted February 03

    Hey interwebbers. Hope you enjoyed our week of mystery WODs. We received mixed reviews about keeping the workouts secret, but we did it because we love you. You see, Crossfit is all about training for the unknown and unknowable. Our programming is aimed at getting you as well-rounded as possible in all 10 of the general physical skills: Cardio-respiratory endurance, strength, stamina, power, speed, flexibility, balance, coordination, agility and accuracy. If you pick and choose your workouts, you will be neglecting certain aspects of fitness and creating weaknesses. This is not good. Here’s what one of our members, Alan Seraboff, had to say about it:

    “If CrossFit is truly about preparing us for life’s challenges as they’re presented in nature, then we shouldn’t be given the workout in advance, should we? Life doesn’t give you a day’s warning that whatever heavy thing is about to fall on your head needs to be stopped, or that the nice lady who lives next door needs her 90#’s of grocery’s carried upstairs, or that lion is going to chase you up a cliff, etc. So, if we’re to accept that the CrossFit philosophy is only partly physical, than to truly experience CrossFit, we have to come to the box prepared for anything. Injury? Adapt. Too Heavy? Scale. Scared of a movement? All the better. I personally need to fully adopt this mentality – it’s a struggle for me everyday. I fight with it. But that’s what it is.”

    And here’s what your coach, David, has to say about “cherry picking WODs:”

    Don’t cherry pick your WODs! from CrossFit Hollywood on Vimeo.

    And here’s a picture of a guy wrestling a lion.


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