posted January 11

    All right, people. It’s a new year, and because most people think that means it’s time to make changes for the better, let’s start with our food. I don’t like using the word diet because it can be mistaken for the verb, not the noun, and imply a temporary change. I’m not on a diet, I’m living a lifestyle. This is how you should be thinking about your food: as part of a larger lifestyle. You joined Crossfit Hollywood to make yourself healthier, and while our program will provide an amazing way of getting you fit, it is only part of the equation. If you come to class 4 times a week, what are you doing with the other 164 hours per week? Are you making decisions that contribute or diminish a healthy lifestyle? Whether you’re brand new or have been with us for a while and are looking for the “next step” in your fitness journey, proper nutrition is the key. Below are ways you can clean up your diet to help support your health and fitness:

    • Eat real food. No more processed junk. If you can’t identify the ingredients when it’s on your plate, it’s probably not good for you.
    • Avoid inflammatory foods. Inflammation is the leading cause of countless diseases as well as weight gain. Lots of things might be inflammatory, but some are universal, such as grains, legumes, and grain-fed beef. Avoid those when possible. Also be careful of your nut consumption, as nuts are high in Omega 6 fatty acids and can cause inflammation when consumed in excess.
    • Balance your meals. Every time you eat, whether it’s a large meal or a small snack, you should be getting all 3 of your macro-nutrients: protein, carbs and fat. Just make sure your carbs and fat are from healthy sources. Vegetables and a little bit of fruit are great sources of carbohydrates, and animal fat, coconut oil and avocado are some great choices for your fat intake. Balancing your macro-nutrients will regulate your insulin levels and help sustain energy over a longer period of time.
    • Hydrate. This is something most of us are bad at. Hydration is important to overall health, and key to helping your muscles recover after hard workouts. If you aren’t getting enough water, it’s like running your car while it’s low on oil, which will eventually lead to a break down.
    • Get your Omega 3s. This is really the only supplement we push at CFHW. Omega 3s help everything from reducing inflammation to brain function. We sell a really high-quality Omega 3 oil at the gym. Check it out.
    • Invest in your health. Stay away from the cheap processed food and buy something real and whole. Good food doesn’t have to be expensive, but if you cheap out and buy the bargain bin canned and boxed food, it’s sure to be no good.

    If you want to learn more about ways to clean up your diet to improve your health, come check out the Nutrition Seminar on Sunday, January 27th @ 9:00am. It’s included in the enrollment package for new members, and only $20 if you’ve done it before and would like a refresher. Below you will also find some useful links to some of our favorite resources. You can never be too informed about your health!






    and as a bonus, check out member Jill Penfold’s new video blog about going paleo

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