posted December 10

    In case you haven’t noticed, we’re doing mobility drills every day this month, so you’ll be needing your lacrosse balls. The first 5 minutes of class are spent working out those knots and tight spots you all work so hard at developing. What’s that? You don’t work hard at developing those? Oh, really? Well let’s take a closer look.

    We only see you 1 hour out of the day. Some of you are only here 3 days a week. So what happens the other 165 hours a week? Are you sitting at a chair, in front of a computer, or on a couch? Are you sleeping enough in a good bed? Are you doing some activity that could cause problem areas to arise in your body? Maybe you always tuck your phone between your shoulder and ear, but only on your right side. I wonder why that shoulder always gives you problems. Maybe you sit at a desk 8 hours a day and have your computer mouse in a weird spot. Why does your wrist and shoulder hurt? Or perhaps you paint scale models of Japanese Samurai warriors. Why is your neck always so stiff? There are many reasons why we develop problem spots in our bodies. It’s important to keep these to a minimum by performing regular maintenance on our bodies. If we want them to perform at a premium level, we need to treat them like premium machines. If you are guilty of any of the above, make sure you take breaks throughout the day to get up and move around the way our bodies are meant to, and do your mobility drills! All the cool kids are doing it.

    Here are some good resources to keep your body moving in a healthy and productive manner:





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