posted November 05

    Tutus. Sooooo many tutus.

    On Saturday we saw all kinds of awesome results from the 30 Days in the Cave Paleo Challenge. The theme for the day was sweat and tutus. You guys crushed your previous Filthy-50 times and shed body fat like crazy. Great work, everyone! It was awesome seeing everyone go through the challenge together, helping each other out, encouraging each other, sharing recipes, and just being an awesome community. But remember, it doesn’t end here. Eric shared a great quote. It’s from an old Japanese Samurai proverb:

    “After a great victory, keep the strings on your helmet tight.”

    Everyone needs to keep fighting the good fight. If this is what happens after only a month, imagine what it could do over the course of a year! So keep those diets clean, people. And remember, this Saturday is the Paleo Potluck where we will announce the winners! It’s also time to show off your favorite new dish. And who knows, maybe you’ll win a free month’s membership! See you at the gym in your awesome new bodies!


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