posted October 03

    The annex is officially open, and we’re excited to be offering y’all brand-new classes!  A couple will be starting this week (CrossFit Kettlebell), with the rest kicking off next week (Yoga, Burn, Endurance).  Read on for a description of what’s in store, and then check MINDBODY to sign up!

    Burn is a cardio-heavy, high-intensity, bootcamp-style workout. Bodyweight movements and light weights will be utilized in an hour-long class packed with non-stop action.  This class is geared towards those wanting to get their sweat on and feel the ultimate Burn.

    Restore and unwind. Find balance to your training with CFHW Restorative Yoga. This class uses deep and integrated supported postures that will aide in recovery and injury prevention. Find increased mobility and relaxed awareness that will support you in your daily life and WODs.

    This will be similar to your typical Crossfit class, but will focus on the kettlebell as its main tool for strength and conditioning. Lifts far beyond the standard swing will be used to take your kettlebell training, strength, and conditioning to the next level.

    This program places emphasis on the oxidative pathway to increase your endurance. Local field trips may be involved. This program caters to athlete’s wishing to compete in running 5k, 10k, half and full marathons; triathlons of any length; and rowing, swimming and distance cycling.

    The class you already know and love, Alley Cats is designed to target and help you improve those CrossFit physical skills that aren’t always challenged: agility, speed, explosive power, reflexes, and flexibility. It will get you stronger while also working on balance and endurance.

    ** Strength, Oly Lift, CrossFit Kids and KB Sport are special programs with a start and end date.  Not included in regular membership.

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