posted August 01

    Sandbag carry during Wod #1

    Last weekend, 25 of your fellow CFHW athletes turned out to compete in the WOD Gear Team competition located at the Rose Bowl! That was pretty awesome. The event was really well-organized with some big names participating (including lots of Games athletes) and some epic WODs. If you were in class last Saturday, you had a chance to experience one of the WODs – and who knows? You may yet get to experience another! ;-)

    This event was about teamwork, and CFHW put on a good show of it. Team “Sector 12″, consisting of Stephen, Ty, Saree and Marie (filling in for Coach Heidi) did the best overall, killing the muscle-ups that so many other teams struggled with in the first WOD. Team “Sofa Can Fast” (say it out loud) came next, with “Sparkle Motion” only one point behind overall, followed very closely by “Red, White and Yellow” and “The Brunch Club”.

    A highlight for many was seeing current Fittest Woman on Earth, Annie Thorisdottir, hanging out with the spectators and cheering on her fellow Games competitors.

    Overall, this was one of the more fun CrossFit competitions in recent memory due to the venue and the camaraderie of the participants. Congrats to all athletes for a great showing!

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