posted June 13

    “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great. “
    -Tom Hanks, A League of Their Own.

    Ever skip a workout because it has running in it? Or maybe a lot of wallballs or burpees? Or maybe you don’t go heavy because you just want to go fast and it will be easier if you scale. Everybody’s been guilty of this at least once. It’s understandable. A lot of those things suck. But the suck is what makes it work. The programming Crossfit Hollywood provides is well thought out and aimed at making you as proficient as possible in all 10 of the General Physical Skills. If you pick and choose, chances are you will only choose your strengths. This will probably make you look really good when you actually go to the gym, but what happens when one of your weaknesses pops up and you bonk? You look like a noob. Don’t look like a noob. Train your weaknesses and become the bad-ass, well-rounded athlete we know you can be. Do we expect everyone to run a 6 minute mile and be able to deadlift over twice their body weight? Of course not. But we do expect you to push yourself to be a better version of you, and our programming will help you get there.

    Related to this is the subject of heavy days. A lot of people skip heavy lifting and only come to the met-con days. I can’t stress enough how stupid this is. I promise you, being stronger will make everything easier. Even if you only look within the realm of Crossfit, imagine how much easier some the WODs would be if that 95# bar felt like nothing in your hands. Strength WODs are just as important as the met-cons, so work just as hard at them. Don’t skip those days, and don’t phone it in when part A is strength just so you can go faster for part B. That’s cheating the system, and cheating yourself. The point is to give it your all, all of the time.

    We put effort into programming each day for you. Please respect the process and trust that what we do works for everyone.

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