posted April 11

    It seems our 6:00 am crew is growing. While waking up even early to go all out on a WOD may sound crazy to some, we’ve had a number of requests for a 5:00 am class. So, we’ll soon be having 5:00 am classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Look to the MindBody schedule for more info.

    It’s important when working out in the morning that you don’t come in on a completely empty stomach. If the last thing you had to eat was at 7:00 pm the night before, that means you’ve gone 10 hours without food. That’s not a good time to do a high-intensity workout. Eat a hard-boiled egg and a small banana and some avocado before you head to the gym. It’ll be just enough to get you through. Then, follow up your workout with proper post-wod nutrition. A good rule of thumb is immediately following your workout (first 30-40 minutes) get around 15g of lean protein and around 20-25g of high-glycemic carbohydrates and plenty of water. Then over the next hour and a half, eat another full sized meal of lean protein and healthy carbs (vegetables), but keep the fat low. 2 hours after your workout, load up on the fat (healthy fats) you missed in the previous meal along with your usual paleo-zone portions of protein and carbs. This should lead to optimal recovery after your early morning workouts. See you in the morning!

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