posted January 27

    Today we give Liz her due in the spotlight. Liz has made huge gains since starting a CFHW. So much so that she recently won our in-haus throwdown. Keep crushing, Liz!

    Name: Liz Montano
    Height: 5’3”
    Weight: 125 (Used to be 115 so I hope it is muscle, but I think I have a couple lbs. hanging around from the holidays)
    Age: 31
    Profession: Venture Capital

    How long have you been a member at CFHW?  Started paying dues October 2010, however, I like to say I’ve been a member since June 2011 as that is when I started going consistently.

    How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness?  The last ten years of my life I have been focused on my career.  Outside of work I mainly spent time going out with business school friends and colleagues from work.  I worked out to stay fit.  In other words, I worked out to burn off what I ate and drank.  After I found CrossFit, I no longer workout so I can eat what I want, I eat so I can have a better workout.  I don’t go to the gym to stay fit, I go to get more fit.  I get more excited about new oly lifting shoes than I do about a new pair of pumps.  I bought myself a barbell, a set of rings and an abmat and I live in an 800 sq. ft. apartment.  I’m stronger and faster than I have ever been and all I want to do is get stronger (not bigger…still want to look like a lady).  To say my life, lifestyle and level of fitness has changed, is an understatement.

    However, what I have found most amazing and what has changed my life the most, is the people and the coaches I have met at CrossFit.  I found an amazing set of new friends that share the same passion for fitness, nutrition, competition, and bettering themselves.  Everyone is so different (i.e. type of work, age, education, level of fitness), yet I feel like I share more in common with the members than some of my own friends outside of the box.  The CrossFit community makes me feel like I’m a part of team.  The level of support and motivation that members give to each other is so inspiring, and allows people to push for PRs every day.  Thanks CFHW for having such a great group of coaches and members!!!

    What is your athletic background?  Always loved sports and played basketball in high school.   Then I didn’t do much until grad school when I started working out with a trainer.

    Favorite WOD:  I LOVE chippers!  Anything that has a variety of movements and that requires a little more endurance.  If I have to pick one I will go with the Filthy Fifty.

    Favorite Lift:  Overhead squat…I just think it looks cool.

    Least Favorite WOD:  Not a fan of the really fast WODs…the ones that are done in less than 5 minutes.  I never feel like I worked out long enough.  Also, I don’t really like Karen.  It seems so boring to just do wall balls.  Then my neck is typically sore the next day from looking up the entire WOD.

    Least Favorite Lift:  All lifts from the power position (besides the deadlift).  I think I lack the coordination to execute a lift that has more than one phase in the movement (i.e. Power Clean, Power Snatch).

    What are your proudest achievements? My proudest achievement by far is getting my mom to join CrossFit.  I obviously talked so much about it, that she decided to join too.  I love the fact that we can push each other and talk about our growth.  When I go visit her we WOD together at her box, and when she comes to LA, she comes to CFHW.

    My second is a personal achievement, the day I was finally able to power clean and squat clean 105#.   During the qualifier for the OC Throwdown, WOD #2 had several squat cleans at 105#.  I couldn’t power clean or squat clean that weight…and trust me…I tried.  For the first time I felt really defeated because during our daily workouts, if I can’t do a weight, I just scale.  But in the OC Throwdown, if you couldn’t do the weight, you didn’t get a score.  A few weeks later, Andy decided to have an in-house competition (8 Weeks of Christmas) and his first WOD had my favorite unattainable 105# squat cleans.  Except this time, I did 8!

    Name one goal and/or personal record you would like to accomplish through CrossFit?  I want to be able to do handstand walks.  I have a fear of some of the gymnastics movements.  I can do handstand pushups, but I have to place my hands down and kick up.  For some reason I’m afraid if I just walk into a handstand, my arms will fail and I will land on my face.

    Any advice for someone thinking about trying CrossFit or someone who has just started?  Just do it!  I can’t count the number of times I have talked to people who want to join CrossFit and their excuse is that they have to get in better shape first.  The best way to get in shape is to join immediately.  I know there are some CrossFit workouts you can do on your own, but I found you never push yourself as hard or get the same feeling of accomplishment that you do when you complete the workout at your box with your community of friends.

    Favorite place to eat in Los Angeles?  Toast.  As I’ve gotten older breakfast/brunch is becoming my favorite meal of the day…and Toast also has almond milk lattes.

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