posted October 24

    Hey Everyone,

    I just wanted to reach out to you all, NOT because I want you to buy something, or because I want you to sign up for anything.

    This e-mail is because I want you to know that I’m watching you and I’m concerned for your well being.

    I kinda feel like Craig, that trainer in the movie “Night at the Roxbury”, when he goes up to Will Ferrel and Chris Kattan, and says “Guy’s, how long have we been friends now? A long time! That’s why I gotta be real with you right now. As a professional trainer, guys, I’m a little worried about your triceps. i mean you guys aren’t going all the way down and it’s called full extention. And i’m not seeing it.”

    I just want to reach out to y’all and say that I care about your progress. Like some of y’all have heard me say, “If you look good, then I look good.” And I care about looking good just as much as you do. So when I see that you guys aren’t reaching the range of motion standards that concerns me.

    For some of you, I realize that you are doing your darn’dest to get all the way down on a push up or get your chin or chest to the bar, but sometimes it just won’t go.  And I see your efforts and I really enjoy watching you struggle (and I mean that in the most sado-masochist way as possible), but seriously, I know when you are doing your best. I can see it. But some of you are only concerned about not coming in last.

    This is an issue.

    For all you CrossFitters that have been with me for less than 6 months, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I don’ t want you to think about anything but yourselves for a while. I want you to be the most selfish person imaginable. I want everyone else to be completely invisible during workout time. The reason behind this is because NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR TIMES, WEIGHTS, AND SCORES EXCEPT FOR YOU!!!!

    Do you think Jonathan, Ty, Robert, or any of the other coaches care how big my bicepts are? PPFFFFFF yeah right!!!! They could give two shits if I said “hey guys, I lost 15 lbs!” They DON’T care!!!!!! That’s because they are not concerned about MY goals, They are concerned about their own progress, and YOU SHOULD BE TOO!!!!! So if YOU’RE not going down on the way on your pull-ups, the only person your cheating is YOURSELF. If you’re not squatting low enough, I promise, that the person next to you isn’t gonna care when you hurt your knees, because it won’t affect their training. YOU need to take care of YOURSELF and forget about anything else. It’s YOU vs the clock, and NOBODY else.

    Progress will happen faster if you are following instructions and the range of motion (ROM) standards that the coaches give to you. Trust me, we are professionals and have done this a MILLION times before. We know what happens when you put people in a stressful, competitive setting, with weights and a clock running. Just take a breath, and do it correctly. The intensity will increase as you get stronger. Don’t expect to be the best in class after the 1st couple of months, hell, or even after your first YEAR. This is a gift of health that you are giving yourself. NOT a quick fix solution.

    Remember kids, the first wealth is health. So keep working hard, follow the coaches instructions, complete the ROM, and keep coming to your classes and just watch those numbers get better on their own.

    P.S. and get super sexy!!! …if not for yourself, do it for your significant other!!!

    I heart you all!!

    -Andy Thompson

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