posted October 14

    We like working at Crossfit Hollywood. It’s an awesome place. We want to make it as awesome as possible, so we need some cooperation from all of you to ensure it’s not less awesome than it should be. Below is a list of rules, pet peeves and common courtesies that should be followed while you’re at the box to make life a little better for all of us. In no particular order:

    • Put equipment back exactly as you found it. If it was messy when you found it, make it better.
    • Wipe off your mats, and roll them up the way they’re supposed to be rolled.
    • Wipe your blood off of the bars.
    • If you’re bleeding on our equipment… STOP!!!!! That’s a health hazard for others AND yourself. Nobody wants your blood on them.
    • DON’T DROP EMPTY BARS or it equals 5 burpees per pound of weight that was dropped.
    • Stack weights neatly.
    • Put the bands on the appropriate hook, as well as jump ropes.
    • STOP TALKING WHEN THE COACH TALKS AND PAY ATTENTION!!!!! YOU are the reason why we don’t have time to stretch at the end of class, because we’re answering the same questions over and over because you were busy flapping your trap when the coach was explaining what was going to happen.
    • DON’T leave your stuff at the gym.
    • Don’t worry about the music. Just do the workout.
    • Build up to a heavy weight. Don’t just throw a bunch of weight on your bar and try to lift it.
    • How much weight should you start out with, you ask?  …a little bit, and if it was managable and you’re not at the Rx’d weight, or if you’re capable of going heavier, then ADD MORE WEIGHT, don’t just sit there picking your nose watching everyone else do work and wait for the coach to tell you to add more weight. Put the weight on the bar, and lift it. If your form sucks and/or you can’t lift it…it’s too much.
    • If you’re waiting for your class to start, stay out of the way of the class that is going on. Don’t practice your double unders or pullups or stretch in the middle of the floor while others are trying to do their workout. They paid the same amount as you, and this is THEIR time, not yours. Your time is next.
    • DON’T bitch. It’s hard for EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • DON’T QUIT!
    • Help each other put equipment away. If you’re waiting for class and your friend just finished a WOD and is about to die, help them out.
    • Put plastic bottles in the recycling container, NOT THE TRASH!
    • Don’t use crazy amounts of chalk. You’re not Lebron James.
    • WEAR DEODERANT!!!!!!!! Everyone loses when someone smells bad. We’re in a small space, sweating like animals. It’s common courtesy, people.
    • Wash your clothes. If your gym clothes are developing perma-stench, throw them away.

    Thanks for your cooperation. We love it at CFHW and want it to be a positive place. All of these things will help make everyone’s experience an awesome one!


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