posted September 15

    The hip is essential to elite performance. It is where the greatest amount of explosive power can be generated. All strength improvement emanates from the center of
    the body—hips, glutes, upper leg—then radiates upward and downward. It is because of these facts that an easy case can be made for the hip being the most important anatomic region in all athletic endeavors. Think about it. When you jump, you drive through the leg and end with a violent extension of the hip. The same is true for the olympic lifts, kettlebell swings, push presses, and many other athletic movements. If your hip activation is muted, your performance will suffer.

    Now that we know how important the hip is to athletic performance, we should be aware of how we are treating it. The hip is an incredibly stable joint, and with that stability comes reduced mobility. We have to be sure not to add to this immobility. If you work a desk job or find yourself spending lots of time in a seated position, take breaks at least once an hour, if not more frequently, and get up and walk around. Touch your toes a few times and do a few squats. Your co-workers will get a kick out of it. Before you workout, roll out your legs and glutes to loosen up, and make sure you stretch post-workout. If the foam roller isn’t cutting it, find a tennis ball or lacrosse ball and get in to all those knots and tight spots. Kelly Starrett has loads of great information on his blog www.mobilitywod.com, and you can always ask one of your amazing CFHW trainers.

    So, next time you’re dragging in a workout, think about whether or not you’re utilizing your hips to their maximum potential. With proper hip activation comes increased performance, so let’s get to it!

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