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    Just kidding. This time around we’re giving Jupiter his moment in the spotlight. Jupiter’s been with us since way back, and is one of the few members with more tattoos than you can count. What you may not realize is Jupiter is responsible for most of the awesome swag we sell at the box, as well as our fancy logos, so tell him how awesome he is next time you see him. He also has been known to sneak into class at the last minute when no one’s looking. One of my favorite things about Jupiter is his request for Slayer every time he goes for a one rep max. So, withour further delay, I give you: JUPITER DESPHY!

    Name: Jupiter Desphy III
    Height: 5’ 8”
    Weight: 151
    Age: 39
    Profession: Design/Photography/DJ

    How long have you been a member at CFHW? 2 years now? Wow.

    How  has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness? What is your athletic background? CFHW gave me a new outlook on fitness, motivation and the power of the mind. Prior to joining I thought that the gym was a hard thing to get into. It’s a confusing place sometimes and without the proper coaching it’s almost a waste of time. CFHW showed me a whole new angle and it’s been amazing. I play soccer on occasion and a regular skate and snowboarder. CF has totally enhanced my abilities and endurance and being as old as I am at the skatepark I’m still able to show these young turds what’s what.

    Favorite WOD: Anything that includes back extensions
    Favorite Lift: Split Jerk
    Least Favorite WOD: To admit that would be self incriminating. Next question.
    Least Favorite Lift: Shoulder press. I have a bad shoulder from a broken collar bone a few years ago.

    What are your proudest achievements? My 300 mile distance ride through Europe. I started at CFHW to train for that ride.

    Name one goal and/or personal record you would like to accomplish  through CrossFit? 2 muscle ups

    Any  advice for someone thinking about trying CrossFit or someone who has  just started? Only after the Sotts press is when you can put the bar down. After!

    Favorite place to eat in  Los Angeles? Pinks Hotdogs. Yeah right.

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