posted May 10

    Following up on the R.I.C.E. post, we sometimes see people in class with an injury or soreness somewhere that prevents them from doing certain movements. This is unfortunately a part of being an athlete. But not all is lost. There are still plenty of things you can do while injured. The worst thing you can do is avoid coming to the gym. This will only prolong your healing and make you out of shape and weak. Furthermore, exercise produces growth hormone, which will speed up your healing and recovery. What you should do is look at your injury as an opportunity to work on weaknesses you may have otherwise neglected. For example, let’s say you’ve injured your shoulder. Bummer. Can’t do much upper body exercises. BUT, you suck at pistol squats, so guess what. You’re going to get better at those. Able to do double unders? Great, you’re gonna get better at those, too. Never been good at running? Now’s your chance! What if you sprained your ankle? No problem. You’re gonna get a lot better at strict pullups. Ever try dumbbell shoulder presses on one foot? Not easy, and great for midline stabilization. The point is that you are not dead, so you shouldn’t act like it. Keep coming in and we’ll work with your injury to make sure you’re still getting a great workout. And remember, ice is your friend!

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